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Albums by year:

Shackleton – Three EPs (Perlon) 2009

Pinch and Shackleton – Pinch and Shackleton (Honest Jons) 2010

Shackleton – Music For The Quiet Hour/The Drawbar Organ EPs (Woe To The Septic Heart) 2012

Shackleton with Ernesto Tomasini Devotional Songs (Honest Jon's) 2016

Shackleton with Vengeance Tenfold – Sferic Ghost Transmits (Honest Jon's) 2017

Shackleton with Anika – Behind The Glass (Woe to The Septic Heart) 2017

12”s on Woe To The Septic Heart (2010-present)

Shackleton – Man On A String 12” (Septic 01)

Man On A String Part 1 and 2 / Bastard Spirit

Shackleton – Drawbar Organ EP Part 1 (Septic 02)

(For The) Love Of Weeping/Touched/Seven Present Tenses/Powerplant

Shackleton – Drawbar Organ EP Part 2 (Septic 03)

Test Tubes/Dipping/Katyusha

Shackleton – Drawbar Organ EP Part 3 (Septic 04)

Wish You Better/It Is Not Easy/There Is A Place For Us

Shackleton – Freezing, Opening, Thawing 12” (Septic 05)

Freezing Opening Thawing/White Flower With Silvery Eye/Silverkeys

Shackleton -  Furnace of Guts/Wakefulness and Obsession EP (Septic 06)

Mordant Music releases

Shackleton – Stalker 7” (Mordant Music) 2004

Shackleton/Mordant Music - I Want To Eat You/Hummdrumm 10” (Mordant Music) 2006

Shackleton/Mordant Music - El Din/Olde Wobbly (Mordant Music) 2008

Honest Jon's Releases

Deadman 12” (Honest Jon's) 2011
A. Shackleton – Deadman AA. Shackleton – Deadman (King Midas Death Dub remix)

Fireworks 12” (Honest Jon's) 2011
Disc 1 A. Shackleton – Fireworks AA. Shackleton – Fireworks (Aussen Vor remix by T++)
Disc 2 A. Shackleton – Undeadman AA. Shackleton – Undeadman (ReMMix by Mordant Music)


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